(MC)² is a collaboration between the Princeton University Math Club, the Princeton Public Library, and community members.

(MC)² was founded in the fall of 2013 by

  • Alan Chang (Princeton University ’14)
  • Harini Subrahmanyam (local math teacher)

with the help of

  • Hanna Lee (librarian at the Princeton Public Library)
  • Pam Lester (local mom).

Once the math circle started, we couldn’t have continued without the help of

  • Laurent Cote (Princeton University ’14) — director for the Fall 2013 semester
  • Ante Qu and Siddhartha Jayanti (Princeton University ’15 and ’17) — directors for the Spring 2014 semester
  • Justin Lanier (teacher at Princeton Learning Cooperative) — organizer of many Recreational Math Session events

Of course, (MC)² would not be possible without the support of all its attendees! Thank you!

(Did we miss anyone? Let us know!)


The idea for the Mercer County Math Circle arose from discussions between Alan and Harini.The (MC)^2 would not be possible without the following people.

  • Laurent Côté (Princeton University, math ’14)
  • Richard Zhang (Princeton University, math ’14)
  • Hanna Lee (librarian)
  • Pam Lester
  • Owen Ford
  • All the volunteers

If we forgot your name, we’re sorry! Do not hesitate to let us know.