Talk on Saturday (4/8)


Mercer County Math Circle will be having a talk this Saturday (4/8) at 2:00 PM in the 3rd floor of Princeton Public Library.
Speaker: Heesu Hwang
Time & Date: 2pm-3pm Saturday April 8
Location: Princeton Public Library, teen room (3rd floor)
Parallelism: Not Just For Geometry.

  • Have you ever had math problems you didn’t want to solve intelligently? A geometry problem or algebra problem for example where it seemed smart to simply coordinate bash or try a ton of factorizations. When deciding to bash or not, the driving factor is always how much computation we must do; the same trade-off exists in computer science. How do we do computation efficiently? One way to make computation faster is parallelism: distributing a task over many processors. What types of tasks can we distribute? How much faster can we solve problems if we can use multiple processors? We will explore the basics of run-time and speed-ups due to parallelism.
A recreational session will follow.
Hope to see all of you there!