Saturday October 25: Logic and the Mathemagical Mystery Tour

Advanced Series

Title: Classical First Order Logic (FOL)

Speaker: Adam Millar

Abstract: Our goal today is to examine the logical system known as Classical First Order Logic (FOL). This is the traditional logic employed in every realm of mathematics to construct rigorous proofs. We will learn how to divine the logical structure of a sentence, and understand in greater detail how deductive proofs work.

Chili peppers: 2 out of 4


Recreational Series

Title: Gathering 4 Gardner Celebration of Mind Event:
The Mathemagical Mystery Tour

Leader: Harini Subrahmanyam Fredrickson

Description: Join us in the 100th birthday celebration of renowned Scientific American columnist and mathemagician, Martin Gardner, as we demonstrate a variety of mathematical magic tricks and puzzles made famous by Martin Gardner. So bring a deck of cards and your family and friends for a fun-filled mathemagical mystery tour!