Saturday April 26: Fourier Analysis and the Geometric Art and Design of Kolams

Advanced Series

Title: Fourier Analysis

Lecture Notes: Fourier Notes

Speaker: David Fridovich-Keil

Abstract: Signal processing is something we do — even if we don’t know it — every day. When we listen to music, we can hear different pitches; when we open our eyes we see different colors. Signal processing is the broad field that quantifies and formalizes how we understand and decompose signals, and its primary tool is Fourier analysis. If you’ve ever wondered how sound and light work and how humans and computers process these signals, come on out this weekend!

Note: calculus is a plus, but is not required to understand any of the material.

Chili peppers: 2 out of 4


Recreational Series

Title: The Geometric Art and Design of Kolams

Leader: Harini Subrahmanyam Fredrickson

Description: April 14th marked the celebration of the South Indian Tamil New Year! We’ll explore the tradition of kolams, geometric drawings that decorate the thresholds of Indian homes. The patterns and materials used vary by region and occasion. This week, we’ll focus on line drawings made of rice flour that loop around a grid of dots, similar to Celtic knot designs. We’ll begin by drawing kolams on paper and then transfer our knowledge to rice flour decorations on the Library terrace! So “kolam” join us for some great math and world culture!