Saturday April 12: Tilings with Pentominoes

Advanced Series

Title: Tilings with Pentominoes

Lecture notes: PentMathCircle

Time & Date: 2pm-3pm, Saturday Apr. 12

Location: Princeton Public Library, teen room (3rd floor)

Speaker: Dr. Matsko

Abstract: The pentominoes are the twelve geometric shapes which can be made from five congruent squares meeting edge-to-edge.  Tiling problems with pentominoes involve asking questions such as when subsets of the pentominoes – with repetitions allowed – will tile rectangles, infinite strips, or the entire plane.  Come and solve a wide range of problems, from easy (for beginners) to currently unsolved problems (for the more adventurous)! Participants will need scissors, pencils, erasers, and graph paper. We have extras for those who don’t bring any.

Difficulty: Wide range of problems provided

Recreational Series

Location: Princeton Public Library, teen room (3rd floor)

Time & Date: 3:14pm-4:14pm, Saturday Apr. 12

Description: We’re leaving things open this week. There will be board games for those who want to play, and some interesting math problems to work on as well.