Sat. January 25

Hi All!

The advanced series meets this Saturday, January 25. Speaker Aaron Schild will be running a problem session in preparation for upcoming high school math competitions.

See below for details. As always, the advanced series starts at 2:00pm at the Princeton Public Library.



Advanced Series

Time & Date: 2pm-3pm, Saturday Jan. 25

Location: Princeton Public Library, teen room (3rd floor)

Speaker: Aaron Schild

Title: AMC/AIME/USAMO problem session

Abstract: The AMC 10 and 12 exams are coming up soon! I will bring several problems from past AMC 10, AMC 12, AIME, USAMO, and USAJMO exams. Everyone will break up into groups based on which exam they want to practice for. I will go around and help each of the groups with the problems that they are working on.

Difficulty: As hard or as easy as you want