Dec. 14: Math Circle CANCELLED due to weather

Dear All,

Due to the snowstorm advisory, we are forced to cancel today’s math circle. Both the advanced and recreational sessions are cancelled.

The math circle resumes on Saturday January 11, 2014.  Until then, happy holidays to all.

Stay safe and stay warm!


December 14: Final (MC)^2 Meeting of 2013!

Advanced Series

Time & Date: 2pm-3pm, Saturday Dec. 14
Location: Princeton Public Library, teen room (3rd floor)

Speaker: Vincent Matsko

Title: Tilings with Pentominoes

Abstract: The pentominoes are the twelve possible two-dimensional polygons made of five connected squares.  Rectangles and other geometrical objects may be made using one copy of each pentomino.  Using multiple copies of pentominoes allows the creation of still further objects, and using infinitely many copies allows the tiling of strips, quadrants, and even the entire plane.   Participants will solve various pentomino puzzles after a brief introduction to the topic.

Difficulty: 1 chili pepper (out of 4)

Notes from the talk: See here



Recreational Series

Location: Princeton Public Library, teen room (3rd floor)

Time & Date: 3pm-4pm, Saturday Dec. 14

Description: The Recreational Math Series is designed for anyone with a basic understanding of algebra. It integrates lectures with hands-on activities to illustrate how seemingly simple games and puzzles lay the foundation for many advanced topics in mathematics.