Problem session, In-a-Row Games & Origami; November 9

Hi Everyone,

We have exciting plans for the advanced and recreational series this coming Saturday (November 9). The usual advanced talk will be replaced by a problem session, which will be led by Princeton student David Bieber.

The recreational series will hear from speaker Justin Lanier.  There will also be an origami session.

Abstracts are posted below. As always, remember that you must register on the library website for any session you wish to participate in.

See you all on Saturday!

Advanced Series

Time: 2pm-3pm
Location: Princeton Public Library, teen room (3rd floor)

Speaker: David Bieber

Title: Problem session

Abstract: This will be a one hour problem session with some competitive and some collaborative elements. Problems will be selected from past high school math contests.

Difficulty: NA

Problems from the talk: click here



Recreational series & Origami

Location: Princeton Public Library, teen room (3rd floor)


In-a-Row Games

The most famous in-a-row game is tic-tac-toe, and you probably already know how it turns out. The good news is that there are many more in-a-row games, and they all have their connections to logic, geometry, and counting problems. Come learn, play, and strategize over a few, including tsoro yematatu—an in-a-row game from Zimbabwe. Join the fun!