Martin Gardner events on Friday Oct 25

The Princeton University Press and the math department are hosting some Martin Gardner events this Friday! They’re free and open to the public.

(If you were at the previous recreational session, you would remember that Harini mentioned Martin Gardner in her presentation.)

4:30 Princeton University Press, 41 William Street, build a math sculpture with George Hart

6:30 Public Lecture, Friend Center, 101
Toy Models
Lecture by Tadashi Tokieda, University of Cambridge and Harvard University


Both of these evens sound really exciting to me! To get an idea of some of the things George Hart makes, check out some pictures on his website:

(I’m actually in some of those pictures!)


P.S. We’ll be announcing this Saturday’s advanced session on information theory soon! Also, there will be an extra recreational event this Saturday at 3pm: board games! Stay tuned!