First (MC)² Session on Oct 12


I’m excited to announce the inaugural Mercer County Math Circle event this Saturday!

IMPORTANT: A note on RSVP: For the library to keep track of attendance, you must RSVP for each individual event on the public library’s website. The links are given below.


Advanced Series

Time: 2pm-3pm
Location: Princeton Public Library, teen room (3rd floor)

Speaker: Alan Chang

Title: Introduction to Combinatorial Game Theory

Abstract: Combinatorial games are games which have no chance. In this talk, we’ll investigate the simplest kinds of combinatorial games and search for the strategy that will allow you to beat everyone else!

Difficulty: 1 chili pepper (out of 4)

Notes from the talk: Click here



Recreational Series

Time: 3pm-4pm (or as long as you want)
Location: Princeton Public Library, teen room (3rd floor)

There will be two activities going on at the same time.

  1. Let’s all work together and build a giant origami structure!
  2. Come learn about Martin Gardner and flexagons. Then let’s construct three flexagons: a trihexaflexagon, a hexahexaflexagon, and a tetratetraflexagon.



We’ve been working hard on the Math Circle, and we are so excited to begin the Mercer County Math Circle this Saturday! We hope you are too!